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Sixty Feet

Five years ago, we were the average American family of four. There was a Daddy, a stay-at-home Mommy, a little girl and a baby boy. Life was happy and sweet and our plates were full.

We knew and loved the Lord and we were content in our safe and comfortable Christian lives – we attended church, led Bible studies, gave generously and sometimes served the homeless in our community.

But over time, the Lord began to open our eyes to more. He broke our hearts for Africa, for hurting orphans, for lonely widows and especially for the beautiful country of Uganda. He gave us the courage to step out of our comfort zones, to take risks for the sake of His name and to start storing up treasure in heaven, rather than here on Earth.

As the Lord started to change our hearts, He also brought together a group of friends to rally around Dan and me. He broke their hearts for similar causes and together, we all formed the ministry now known as SixtyFeet.

We moved forward in obedience and then stepped back to watch God work. We were not disappointed. Every day, the ministry of SixtyFeet becomes more and more a part of our family’s life. Together, we pray for the work of SixtyFeet and the children we serve. We work as a family to raise money for SixtyFeet through The Cupcake Kids, our national fundraising arm. And in December of 2010, we grew our family through adoption and added Hannah and Joseph – two children from Uganda and former residents of one of the facilities SixtyFeet serves.

Forever we’ll be thankful to the Lord for opening our eyes and giving us the courage to abandon our own plans in order to embrace His. Better is one day in His courts than thousands elsewhere.

Team Owens is truly blessed. All glory and thanks to God.