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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Even if you're stark raving crazy like the Owens, you probably have to buy at least a few Christmas gifts this season. So I figure if we have to shop, we might as well shop with a purpose. This year, my heart is to buy as many gifts as possible from vendors and individuals who support orphan causes and/or adoption funds. And for my Atlanta area friends, this goal just got a little easier!

Come out and join me at the Garden Market this Saturday from 9- 3:30 at the Garden Hills Rec Center! And this year, the fabulous Cupcake Kids will be on the scene selling sweet treats to weary shoppers and raising money for SixtyFeet.

Many of the women participating in this year's Market are donating portions of their money raised to different organizations. Elizabeth Beck is donating a portion of her proceeds to Wellspring Living - an organization that advocates for women and children rescued from sex-trafficking. Katie WickstrumChristina Leerssen are donating 10% of their proceeds to SixtyFeet. Gus & Lula is pursuing an adoption of 2 little babes from Ethiopia. Davis' boards aka The Neema Shop is donating a portion of her proceeds to Takes A Whole Village & other orphan supporting causes. Karama Gifts supports Young Life Africa.

So please come out, enjoy a treat from the Cupcake Kids, find some amazing and completely unique gifts and support some great causes all at the same time.


Stephen Otisimo said...

Shelly, I am very encouraged by what you're doing. Keep it up. It's awesome as Sara and I think about this Christmas season, and have our conversations while walking through the mall, wanting the season to have true meaning, especially in light of those who have very little, to read that you and Dan and the kids are doing something truly meaningful. Keep it up, my sister! Peace of Christ...