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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being a Part of The In Crowd

"Teacher, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he wasn't in our group." -- Mark 9:38

With the benefit of 2,000 years of hindsight, it's easy to judge the Apostle John for his words above. I mean, hello... "Jesus, there was someone doing some really great things in your name but we told him to cut it out because he wasn't part of our little crowd."

John's words might seem foolish or selfish or jealous -- but the reality is that we still see this kind of thing in ministry every day. And it makes me sad.

Honestly, I get really disgusted by churches and ministries who view one another as "competitors." I mean, aren't we all just in this together? Aren't we all after the same goal? I hope so.

Besides -- this kind of competition indicates a real lack of faith, in my opinion. Isn't our God big enough to provide for and sustain all the churches and ministries that He's called into existence? I'm pretty sure He can handle it.

Happily, there's a flip side to all this competition.We at SixtyFeet have been blessed, floored, blown AWAY by the many ministries that have linked arms with us and come alongside us in our work. These other Africa-focused, orphan-serving ministries could have viewed SixtyFeet as their competition. But these are Kingdom-minded people and they're all about God's will and His work, however it gets done.

These other ministries, Wiphan, Amazima, Cornerstone Development, AWAKA and others have supported SixtyFeet. Some have supported us financially. Some have given of their time, their resources and their expertise. They've sent their own supporters to our website to learn about our cause. They don't want to compete -- they just want to get er' done.

Dan and I and the rest of the SixtyFeet team desire to take a cue from these awesome ministries. We want to be like these people because they're like Jesus.

We want to be Kingdom-minded and not SixtyFeet-minded in our approach to ministry. And so we have some people we want you to meet:

This is the Dinsmore family from Arizona. In the blog world, Lara is known as The Farmer's Wife. Jon is an organic farmer and Lara is a stay-at-home-mom. They are in the process of adopting from Uganda and they have one heck of a story.

Starting now, each month, SixtyFeet will support a different family who is in the process of adopting from Uganda. We'll feature this family on our site and encourage y'all to support them too. SixtyFeet is not an adoption agency. At the moment, we don't have any children from our facilities who can even be adopted. But we want to do Kingdom work. And that means it's not about us. It's all about Him.


Melissa said...

Love this family! Can't wait to see the little one God has picked to be their son or daughter! So neat the Lord is moving in their hearts for Uganda!!

Audrey @ The Brown Brigade said...

What an awesome idea! I have loved reading their blog. Their story makes me feel less crazy. lol We haven't put this out on our blog yet, but we have been waiting for months on a domestic infant placement. Four days before I was headed to the Created For Care retreat, we heard about 18 month old twins waiting in Ug*nda. I came to the retreat and continued to hear God's call for Ug*nda and our lives are changed forever. God has opened doors like crazy since the retreat and now we are on a completely different road than before trying to get these little ones home. This is truly a crazy ride, but we are loving watching God work and so thankful that he chose to work through us.

Alison said...

Love this sweet family! So glad ya'll are supporting them!

sara said...

Love this idea!! It is ALL kingdom work...so thankful to be walking this road with all ya crazies!!