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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rough Days & Fun Ideas

Sorry I've been such a lame-o with the blogging this week. It's been a rough one.

A few of the kids and I have been sick, Dan's been traveling, we're entering our busy season with SixtyFeet and I'm trying to wrap up some homeschool projects before we break for the holidays.

Yesterday was especially pleasant around here. I learned that it takes the exact same amount of time for me to teach a math lesson to Madeline as it takes for Baby Charlotte to eat an entire tube of lipstick.

That same period of time also provides ample opportunity for Hannah to draw a lovely picture on her bedroom ceiling, perfectly elevated by the top bunk of her bunkbeds. And for Davis and Joseph to build an outdoor torture machine for the neighbor's cat.

Like I said, it's been a rough one.

So I may be down...but I'm not out. This Sunday, my partner in crime (y'all know her as Colleen, the Ugly Couch Lady), and I are co-hosting a lil' Christmas Open House of sorts, right here on the Crazy Blog and on Ugly Couch.

You might remember I recently asked y'all to consider redirecting some Christmas funds for the BIG SixtyFeet land project? And, while interested in this little idea of mine, you may be wondering how on Earth to cut back on your Christmas budget?

Well, never fear -- help is on the way! This Sunday at our Christmas Open House, Colleen and I have all sorts of fun DIY Christmas gift ideas to share with you. These are gift ideas guaranteed to save you a ton of money and believe me, they don't require any kind of crafty expertise.

Please plan to check in with us this Sunday. And don't just come by to read -- please also come to post your own DIY Christmas ideas! We'd love for others to share their secrects and help spread the Christmas cheer, on a budget.

See you on Sunday!


Becca said...

Ok so once everyone is feeling better, we still want to have y'all over for dinner! :-)

Stephanie said...

Love it! Can't wait to learn some new ideas! I'm joining you on this whole cutting back Christmas thing. I've called it Upside-Down Christmas, (thus the upside down tree). Hope your week is looking up!

Anonymous said...

we all have weeks like that! just remember... this too shall pass. I discovered once that in the amount of time it takes me to run to the bathroom, my oldest is capable of swinging on the light in his room, pulling it down, trying to shove wires back in to cover his tracks and thus shocking himself!
I've got some DIY Christmas ideas if you need them!

U Silly Pickle said...

Super pumped about this. And also? I sorta ganked your "Redirectng Christmas" post and put it on my blog. I totally credited you for it so I hope you don't mind :) Holla!