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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My friend, Lovelyn, often blogs during mid-day and shares what she and her (7!!) kiddos are up to. I love hearing about her days and reading the comments that share what other mommies around the country are doing.

No matter your circumstances, I bet our days look more alike than we'd think.  And sometimes it's just fun to remember that we're all in this thing together.

I hardly ever have time to blog during the day. But today we're taking it easy and keeping school simple, so I thought I'd take my chances and see if anyone's out there.

Here's what we're doing...

Today, we're experiencing unseasonably warm weather in Atlanta. Between school lessons, the kids have been outside most of the day. We don't even have to wear coats!

I'm baking bread and two kinds of muffins.

Madeline is practicing for her Christmas piano recital on Sunday afternoon. I absolutely delight in hearing her play.

I'm picking up the house and prepping some actual adult food for dinner -- because we're having some friends over tonight.

The kids and I are reading on the couch -- we just finished a book on Dolley Madison.

What are y'all doing today??


Lara said...

I'm weird and love reading about people's days!I think it's interesting to hear about other people's mundane, everyday stuff!

The Haws House said...

I'm trying to simplify my life today. I'm focusing on the most important aspects of life instead of heaping on extra task and guilt. Enjoying my kids and caroling later tonight are my agenda :)

Stacy said...

Are you sure you really want to know? Well on this RAINY Tuesday, I woke up to day 2 of a migraine, to dress and ready our 3 kids for school. Gave the dog her antibiotics for a bladder infection and then proceeded to roll her supplements in cheese slices for her crystals in her urine:) We arrived to school (and my work) just in the nick of time to get everyone where they needed to be and do my morning duty. At which point the bell rang and then I began to ready my 16 students into their costumes for their Christmas program (which, also, my own two children had to be in theirs upon arriving to school).
Once the program was done, I made sure my plans were in order for my substitute who would be taking over for the rest of the day. Got an early dismissal for my 5th grade jewel so we could head to the orthodontist. We were there for just over an hour to have bling installed (expander and braces...reversed head gear to follow). Appointment was interrupted by my husband calling for us to come ASAP after appointment because his car wouldn't start at work and wanted to go to lunch. We indulged and enjoyed lunch at Subway. Returned him to work (early...this girl had other plans, but love my husband and time spent with him). Headed to the post office to mail a Christmas package to Texas (on time, thank.you.very.much.) Then I snuck my jewel off to Starbucks for a sweet surprise! Went back to the parent-pick-up-line for my prince. Thinking that since we were 30 minutes early we would be first in line...not so much! Headed home to find and print the recipe for the Apple Strudel that I forgot has to be made for my jewel's International Feast tomorrow. Went to grocery store to pick up said ingredients and then picked up our little emperor from his school. Headed home to feed kids and give dog her second round of meds. Somewhere in between all of this I called hospital for little emperor's appointment in January that has not been "Pre-Certified" by our insurance. Also, cut up the homemade granola I made last night but had to leave on the counter because of a migraine . Now, as my children are quietly eating, I am posting this waiting for the dryer to ding so that I can redress my children in their costumes for tonight's parent performance of said Christmas program. I will have my little emperor in tow as I dress and monitor my students in program. I will come home put my gems to bed, make an apple strudel, figure out when I am going to cook this 15 lb. turkey that I bought on sale that is thawing on my counter, decide how we are going to pay for said car troubles, finish some dossier paperwork for our Thai Princess so that we can Fed Ex on Friday and be refreshed and waiting for my Groom to return from his Commission Meeting, who no doubt, is anxious to spend some quality time with his Bride. What would I rather be doing? Being a stay-at-home-mama and homeschooling my precious treasures! One day!

Naomi said...

We have been learning all about Queen Victoria today (Tapestry of Grace curriculum) and of course I am loving teaching this!! I have made appointments to get shots next week for our trip to Uganda and emailed many letters after school finished at 3.00. I had a builder come and look at an ongoing issue we have with our fireplace which has never worked. I am currently making dinner and plan to finish up some painting projects we have going on at our house for Christmas gifts!! Other than that, all is well considering Daddy is in Israel and I am holding down the fort!!

Love hearing about your day and that you make bread!! So do I!! Nothing better than fresh bread.