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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Go Around Me

As you can see from the photo, we went through with it. Last night in the pouring rain I took my car back to the Carmax Buying Center and they gladly cut me a check. Shelly and the kids picked me up and we looked at each other when I got in the front seat of her car and said "What have we just done?".

For those of you reading this that only have one car, or no car, I'm sure you just said a little "hmmmpf" under your breath. But bear with us, we're learning. I have had two cars ever since I was born, and to now only have one is a very strange feeling.

Another strange feeling is being dropped of at the scooter store with no real options other than a) buying a scooter and driving it home or b) walking. As you may have surmised, I chose the former. I pulled out of the parking lot onto a rather busy street and had this poor little Taiwanese beast of a machine at full throttle and still had a line of cars behind me contemplating just running me over in order to get on with their day sooner.

The kids are beside themselves. We had several 'Motorcycle Riding' sessions this afternoon (that is what they are calling it, a motorcycle) and I'm sure the neighbors are regretting our choice now as much as anyone, even if we are not. The biggest surprise was when Shelly came out and said, "OK, I want to drive it." She put on my helmet and jacket and took off down the street. Will wonders never cease? No, they won't evidently, because we all survived the day. Even with cars passing me in my own lane, we made it through day one of our Crazy Adventure.

The best part is that we now have more than half of the money made from selling my car and are eager to give it away. We have our eye on a couple of places right now and will be sure to update you here when we decide.


Joshua Goodling said...

Awesome! :-)