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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Used Car Saves Babies

How much can you get for a "like new", 2001 Audi A6 Quattro? How about a dairy cow, some shares of a deep freshwater well, and a variety of necessities for a bunch of orphans? Oh, and one shiny scooter. It's true, the car had fairly low miles but went a very long way.

Some have asked for specifics regarding where we have directed some of the proceeds from the sale of the old Audi. Here's the list so far:
OK, that last one is not really a ministry at all, but it is where I got the scooter that will save us a good bit on monthly expenses, and we plan to hit the owner up for a sizable donation to the Heritage Preparatory School silent auction next Fall. 

The first week commuting on the Crazy Bike has been an adventure in itself. Seems folks don't take too kindly to you if you can't go more that 0 to 10 in 10 seconds. But it has been very fun too, being 'outdoors' as I commute to work. And I think I have finally broken my 20 year addiction to NPR.


LeeAnne said...

I have another ministry to tell you about. Kevin and I are heading up the coffee ministry at Apostles Anglican Church. We sale coffee that is grown in Rwanda. The sale of this coffee provides a living wage for the people in Rwanda. It also helps to buy them goats and bicycles. Our church of 150 people has provided a living wage for 13 families in the past two years. It's very simple: Drink Coffee Do Good. :) Other churches may want to consider this opportunity. The website is: www.drinkcoffeedogood.com.