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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Join us for the "Crazy Coffee"

Sometimes Dan and I find it quite humorous that we are the ones writing this blog. Practically everyday the Lord puts someone in our path that is really far, far more qualifiied (way crazier than us) to be the owner of this thing. Our friends, Adrian and Alysia Crawford, are some of those people. If you think the Owens are crazy, watch out for the Crawfords and prepare to be inspired...Dan and I don't even play in their league.

This family is Crazy with a capital C in a really, really good way. In many ways, the Crawfords are a lot like Dan and me -- their children are about the same age as ours, Adrian is a "techie" with a nice 8-5 job, Alysia is a stay-at-home-mom... However, instead of living in the suburbs or gated communities like most families we know, they currently live in a refugee community -- a place with high crime, police cars, people packing (guns, not luggage), poverty, neighborhood parks you would not be caught dead in after dark...and a whole community of people who need Jesus, need love, need help, need to know that God loves them, died for them, has a plan for them...and that they are not alone. The Crawfords moved to this community because they felt God called them to stop "coming in" to serve and to start "being in." And they answered without hesitation in complete obedience. They just put their house on the market and moved. Is that awesome or what??
Last week, Alysia sent me this email (reprinted here with permission):
I wanted to tell you about some ways we save TONS of money...
I make my own: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, dishwasher gel, laundry soap, lotion, cleaner, furniture polish, hand soap, and disinfectant spray. It takes almost no time at all, it's chemical free, enviro freindly to the max (it puts 7th generation and Whole Foods to shame on a sustainability level) :) and the best part? It keeps us out of the stores almost all the time! My kids are rarely in a retail store, because I need none of the typical goods from the grocery store I can do all our shopping at the Farmer's Market- advertising free! No signs telling us what we "need", giving us false perceptions of what our life should look like, what the kids should "love", etc. It also keeps us eating simple- no gimiky foods at a market! I've also found some terrific thrift stores in our area where we get 90% of our clothes...I can give you the locations if you haven't found any in your area. Buying clothes at our thrift (50% off EVERY Monday...can we say Ann Taylor dress for $3???) also keeps us from letting our money filter into "the system" where most clothes are made by kids who should be in school and getting fed properly instead of sitting in a factory. I'm not sure what your cooking plans are like in the budget area, but I have discovered some amazingly cheap and healthy (even organic) ways to cook...I've had weeks, when I'm disciplined enough and plan well, that I can buy almost all organic and keep our week's budget at $40-50!!!!!!
Yeah, so we aren't quite there yet, but we would like to be. And here I thought the best way to save money on that sort of stuff was just to stop using it until folks at work told Dan to just work from home until he could afford some deodorant (just kidding). So, I've asked Alysia if she would be willing to share her recipes, her thrift store shopping tips and hold an informal "how-to" for making all of those homemade goodies. She  has graciously agreed. And we're calling this get-together The Crazy Coffee!

If you're interested in joining us, we'll be at the Harty home in Brookhaven next Friday, 5/21 from 10:30am-12pm. Alysia is going to have all of her supplies on hand to do some short tutorials, have copies of recipes and so on. It's going to be great fun and super-crazy. You can RSVP by commenting below or email me at my personal address.


cathy Kramer said...

I just read the re-printed email. It is killing me that I am going to have to miss this get together. One of our goals for this spring was to cloth everyone from thrift stores. Please take copious notes and let me know every little detail. Thanks Cathy

kathy heissner said...

I so want to be there. would somebody please take great notes and post the instructions for all those cleaning products!

mjohnson said...

I sooo want to be there, but I think that's the day we leave for the grandparent's treat of a vacation. I can't wait to meet the crazies. We are a recently (last 9 mths) called to be crazy, Jesus loving family from Cartersville. If there's enough interest, maybe we can beg you to do it again, even bring donations for whatever ministry you'd like, just to get this wonderful information. I'd read about making detergent...and just hadn't done it yet. Alysia's ideas sound wonderful.--Mandi

Laura said...

So, I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and my husband commented (Tymm Hoffman) a week or so ago. When he commented, we get an email from our dear friend Alysia saying "Do you all know the Owens?" We said, "No, not personally, but they inspire us and now we do rice nights every Wednesday because of their example!"

Wow, small world. We have had the privilege of knowing the Crawfords for 11 years now and they have blessed us beyond belief. They are a Godly example to our family and we are so thankful to have them in our lives.

Perhaps we can all meet sometime!

I wish I could come to your get together, but I have to work.

Thank you for all you and your family are doing. We, too, take Jesus' command seriously to care for orphans and widows in their distress.

God bless,

laura hoffman

adrian.crawford said...

Thanks for the write up and I know Alysia will be able to share a lot of things she's learned lately in saving money with everyday things.  I fear you were too kind however in giving us so much missional "street cred."  This has been a rough ride for us.  One of the reasons we don't blog regularly is because we can't always find the golden nugget or sharable moment in living amongst refugees; either because it's not there at times or because of our own flesh longing to be around ease and comfort.  Earlier this year we were trying to sell our house, mainly due to plummeting home prices, but also because we weren't sure that this whole "living amongst those we serve" thing was worth it.  We made an idol out of selling and were very unhappy during this time, but by God's grace and mercy He had us crash that one to the ground; reminding us that His economy is not of this world.  He has us here for a purpose, regardless of falling home prices or increased crime, etc; and that fire for serving and living here is being rekindled again.  But we can't judge success or worth upon what we see and results that are palatable; but upon obedience to God and the things that are unseen. Therefore I can relate with Dan's recent blog post about wondering how to make a difference in the face of such need.  But we press on and press in.  And it has to be rooted in Jesus or it's going to go nowhere; a passionate yet Christ-less cause will only create burnout or relieve temporal situations. I thank God for families like yours that can challenge and encourage others to think outside the box for Jesus; in Him we are all in the same league since it's His strength working through us.

Anonymous said...

Please, please post these "recipes" and ideas! I live in San Diego, so am not likely to make it to the Crazy Coffee : )
Love your blog,

Mary Ann Ragsdale said...

I wanna come!!! Can I bring Ruth Ann? Not sure Jeramy's schedule yet but I'll check to see if he can watch her...Can't wait to see you...
Mary Ann

Melissa said...

I would love to come, but I will have my kids with me. Is that ok?

heatherbrothers said...


I have been friends with the Crawfords for almost 5 years and they have been such a blessing to our family. They inspire us in so many ways that I can't even begin to thank them. Alysia is an inspiration to me as a mother and wife and has shared so much wisdom with me. I can truly say she has made this "journey" we call life so much more enjoyable. I'm excited to learn more from Alysia and I plan to attend. Is it okay to bring the kids? By the way...I have four (7 yr. old triplets and a 3 year old).