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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Crazies & Sixty Feet

We rang in the 4th of July with some dear friends on Lake Oconee this weekend. (Pictures are below and they have absolutely nothing to do with this post, they're just fun).

At any rate, while we were out on the lake yesterday, our friend's 9-year old daughter asked about the name of our non-profit, Sixty Feet -- "where did that name come from and what does it mean?".  And it occured to me that others may have the same question. We've never really explained Sixty Feet on this blog or discussed how the Crazies (along with a few other friends) also became the Sixty Feet people. While you may have read about it already, we wanted to elaborate a bit more.

Over the last two years, Dan and I have seen the Lord move in very intentional ways in our lives. He's put teachers and sermons and friends and books in our path that all point to the same road. We basically realized that many parts of our lives were not surrendered to Christ. That much of what we were striving for in an attempt to be a "Christ centered family" had been influenced much more by the people and culture around us than by the Word of God.

One night in our den, Dan and I got down on our knees and we put everything we had on the table... our home, our cars, our investments, our private school tuition, our savings account -- all of it, and we asked the Lord to show us what He'd have us do with all these resources. We were sick of using everything at our disposal to indulge ourselves and we were finally ready to hand it all over for Kingdom purposes (which is why He gave it to us anyways...).

After that night, interesting and awesome things began happening. He started showing us needs around us and needs around our world. And then, "by chance", we learned of a horrible place in Uganda that confines hundreds of children who live in horrible conditions. We posted some information about Mukisa one night on our blog. A few readers stepped up and wanted to do something about it. A few more stepped up and wanted to give some money. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more. And then we knew this was it. Our call. And SixtyFeet was born.
Oh, and the name SixtyFeet... we can't take credit for that one. It came from one of the other Sixty Feet founders, Matthew, as he was researching companies that drill wells in Uganda. Here's the idea... in the country of Uganda there is no shortage of water - it is abundant and plentiful, but polluted. And many people are dying because they do not have access to clean water. We've learned that often less than 60 feet underground, they find crystal clear, clean water that could change their lives forever. And so in response...  Sixty Feet is the link between those in desperate need and the help, support and resources that already exist but are just out of reach. In short, here's the thing... God has already done His part. He has provided all our needs. Some people need help accessing those provisions and that's our part. Dan and I and the rest of the Sixty Feet team are praising Him that we even get to play a part in His plan. How awesome is that?


Gabi Dickinson said...

I have been following this blog and the 60 Feet one for some time now. I am currently living in England but am moving to Jinja, Uganda in January to open a children's home. I have the building already and was wondering if I may be able to help provide the loving home that the children desperately need. Please could you give me more information on that?

Melissa said...

So cool! I love the name, Sixty Feet, it's like the gospel to these people in the children's prison and he is using you to spread this to them in various ways! Can't wait to see what God does in these next several weeks! Maybe we can hang out soon!