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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Our Fun Friday

As you probably know, the Owens family has one car. Yesterday said car needed a day at the car spa for some new brakes and a general tune up. Which left me stranded at home all day with three babies. Yikes.

Here in the ATL it's 100 degrees out -- it's way too hot to play outside and our pool is not within walking distance. We don't watch TV. I am not crafty. And no other young children live on our street. Seriously, what's a momma to do for 8 hours?

Now, we're not the type to go out running around town all day long everyday. I like being at home and my children are great at entertaining themselves. But honestly, I like to get out of the house once a day even if it's just a quick trip to the school to pick vegetables from my daughter's garden plot. Just a little change of scenery keeps me sane and helps break up our days.

Although I have to admit that often one quick errand turns into three. And running into target for one $5 item has the tendency to turn into a $100 shopping trip. Somehow I always spend more time and money than I  intended.

So anyways, I started my Day At Home with a bad attitude and without very high hopes. But I must say we just had the best stinkin' day ever. We had tons of fun and it didn't cost me one red cent.

First we "painted" in the garage with pudding.

Then we used the hose and the water table to clean up.

Then we checked the mail and a package came and the kids played not with the package but with the box it arrived in. Seriously, they had way, way too much fun with this box. They turned it into a car, they put it over both their heads and played "two headed monster," they wrapped up their toys and gave one another pretend birthday presents. And so on. Makes me wonder why I ever actually purchase toys for my children.

We read some library books, colored a few pictures, did some chores and cooked dinner together. And at the end of my dreaded day stuck at home, I decided we need to do it more often.


joy said...

Isn't it funny when God "makes" us do things we really don't want to do, we have a nasty attitude about it. Yet, when we look back we can say what a blessing it was. Guess He knows best, huh?!

Melissa said...

Love this! Great ideas! I will have to try these at our house!!

Rebekah said...

This post is too cute for words! Your kids are adorable and I love the pudding idea!