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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Goes On At My House

I have found that people are fascinated by big families. I am almost growing to enjoy the wide-eyed looks of strangers when I'm out with the four littles and I explain to people that I also have one more -- she's in school right now. "So, wait... you have FIVE children??" Gets 'em everytime.

I thought y'all might enjoy a few fun facts about life with the Owens Seven, as we've taken to calling ourselves. Speaking of numbers, here are some good ones...

2 -- That's the number of days it takes for us to eat through an entire $7 bag of  grapes

60 -- The number of minutes it takes us to complete our bedtime routine with all 5 kids

85 -- The number of dollars it takes to fill up the tank on my big ol' Yukon XL

3 -- The number of times I've packed Dan's lunch for work since we adopted Hannah and Joseph

5 -- The number of times I have walked into my dining room before a meal and found Hannah brushing her hair with her fork

4 -- The number of loads of laundry I *try* to do everyday

8,500,401 -- The number of times someone in my house says "Mommy? Mommy!!!" every day. OK, this one is just an estimate but I'm pretty sure it's close

2.5 -- The number of songs we usually get through in our nightly after-dinner Dance Party USA before someone gets hurt. Some night I will video this nightly event in our home and give y'all a real treat.

14 -- The number of nights it took for Hannah and Joseph to say "I love you" back to Dan and me when we put them to bed at night

0 -- That's the number of times Dan and I have looked at each other in our overwhelmed, exhausted, cashless, broken states and thought "you know, I want to go back to our old regular lives. I wish we had never done this."

"If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it."
Matt: 10:39, NLT


and 2 became 5 said...

great words shelly.

ERHildy said...

Hello, my name is Rissa
My husband & I have decided to adopt from Uganda. I have been doing massive amounts of studying about Africa, and different countries.. etc.. We finally pin pointed it down to one place - Uganda.

I found your blog site, by searching in google for others who have adopted or are in the process of adopting from Uganda! I found your post that was entitled "counting the cost". Oh my word, that was extremely helpful!

Thank you so much for all the detail you have put about - cost, and all that you had to do. We would like to adopt two children, and we also would like to do an independent adoption.

I wondered if you had any extra time, and would be willing to shoot me an email - I was hoping you could fill me in with some do's and dont's when it comes to independent adoption. As well as how to even get started in this process. I was also told that since we are planing on starting the paper work, by the end of this summer - that, it would be wise to get some of the things we will need to get mailed to us and so forth, out of the way now, to make the process quicker. Only - I have no idea how this all works, and what I could get done before actually starting the process!

Hope this wasn't to many questions? I would really appreciate your help! If you are un able to spare the time, I totally understand.
Here is my email - erhildy14@gmail.com

Thanks so much!


Joshua Goodling said...

1000+ - The number of times your story and what you are doing is being an inspiration to others! Keep trusting God and following Him!

Brian & Amy said...

love it!!! ESPECIALLY the last one! you are indeed an inspiration and I am so honored to call you my friend!! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you for continuing to share your story with your readers. You are an inspiration and an encouragement to many,including me.

This High Calling said...

Hi Shelly! I'm a friend of Melissa and Dee's from B'ham. We were adopting from Uganda when God gave us a clear calling to do long term foster care here, and show the birth families the gospel (maybe Uganda is on the horizon:) Anyway, we were certified about the same time you guys came home, and now have gone from three little boys to five also, and we homeschool. We added a young Chinese girl and a baby Hispanic girl. Your posts have been such an encouragement to me and my man as life has gone to full time craziness! We just have to laugh to keep sane! Also, I've been wondering how many loads of laundry I need to aim for:) Jesus is so beautiful in you guys, even from distant onlookers.

Mandi said...

SO encouraged by this post. After a year+ wait, we started our homestudy this past week, and plan to adopt 2 preschoolers from Uganda. We have 3 already and will become the Johnson 7 one glorious day. From one after dinner dancin family to another :) Love all the insight into blending in the middle of the birth order, I believe our baby girl will remain the baby of our family as well...it's all in God's hands.