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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Works

I didn’t blog last week. I didn’t even realize I was such a consistent blogger until I started getting emails and text messages from people asking if I was still alive.

Last week I was busy. Not my usual kind of busy. I was CRAZY busy. In my entire life, I don't think I can recall a single week when I've encountered so much need.
Last week, a six-year old child in our community drowned. One of my best friends has a small child recovering from a serious open heart surgery. An Atlanta-area family of seven brought home two special needs, very sick children from Eastern Europe. I have two different friends going through hard, ugly, painful divorces. My neighbor, with two young children, is dying of a degenerative disease – and he doesn’t know Jesus. The list goes on.

These were not needs I could meet from a distance or just write a check to cover. These were needs in my own backyard, involving people near and dear to me, and they required me. They required my time, my attention, my energy, my prayers and my leisurely evenings (which is when I usually blog)… and sometimes that stuff is so much harder to give than my money.

Of course, I  also have my own little nest to care for. My ministry to my husband and my children comes first. Always. But I'm a firm believer that part of my ministry to my family includes ministering outside of my family. I like my children to see me serving others in Jesus' name and, whenever possible, I like for them to serve alongside me.
Isaiah 58:10 exhorts us to spend ourselves on behalf of the poor. Not just our money. Ourselves.

This world is such a mess. Our sin made it that way. There’s hurt and need around every corner. There are needs across the ocean and needs right down the street. The question is this: who will meet them? Because, as Martin Luther said, “God doesn’t need your good works, but your neighbor does.”


Lara said...

Weeks like that are a good reminder of how little WE can do and how very much we need Christ.

Christy said...

Oh WOW, girl. That does sound hard. I know God really used you. I am reading the book about the Tuohys, who did the Blind Side, and they talked about how they have a "popcorn theory". You can't help everyone, but you never know which hot ones that will pop up in front of you that you CAN help. Loved that analogy, and so cool how you are totally living that out!

Chasity said...

Sound like you were busy being the hands and feet of the Lord to those around you.

cathy_kramer said...

Thanks for putting everything in perspective. I thought we had a lot going on but our life is easy street. Much love.

Audrey @ The Brown Brigade said...

Those are some heavy, heavy burdens girl. I am so thankful for families who are willing to dive in and roll up their sleeves and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Sometimes all people need is listening ear.