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Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Next Big Adventure

Guess what?

I’m headed to China.


If you read my post entitled “I’m Not the Only Crazy One,” you know that I have some seriously crazy friends. In that post, I wrote about my friend Joy – who traveled with me to Uganda for Hannah & Joseph’s court date.

In the same post, I wrote about Scott and Judd – who traveled to Uganda to be with Dan (over Christmas, no less!) for the weeks he spent in country completing our adoption.

In retrospect, I have no idea what we would have done without these friends during that time. International adoption involves some crazy stuff -- extensive travel, multiple court and embassy appearances, the stress of living in unfamiliar, foreign surroundings, the challenge of bonding with your new children while you’re not on your “home turf,” and the heartbreak of being away from biological children, family and friends back home. I can’t imagine doing it all alone.

This experience has left me with a very soft spot in my heart for any Momma who is traveling internationally to complete an adoption. It’s just hard and, if I can help it, it's something no friend of mine will do alone.

Which brings me to my point – I’m going to China for one week to meet up with my friend, Lydia, who is completing the adoption of a precious, tiny girl named Rosie.

And, while every adoption is special, this adoption is especially special to me. Lydia and her husband, David, are long, long time friends of mine and Dan’s. Dan and David grew up together in Tennessee and today they work together in Buckhead.

And, here’s the thing… David should not even be alive today. He should have never lived long enough to get married or have a successful career. He was told he'd never have children -- and today he's the father of two biological daughters and one son, adopted domestically. He's basically a walking miracle and a reminder that our God is bigger -- no matter your circumstances.

If you’ve got an extra couple of minutes tonight, watch the short video below about David and Lydia (it was actually done by the same guy that did mine and Dan's homecoming video). It will rock your world and brighten your whole week. All glory to God!


cathy_kramer said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. What a wonderfully, humbling reminder of how great our GOD is. Thanks you sweet Shelly for sharing.
Love you

Jane said...

Thank you for posting this - being from the same home town , I have heard of David and his life with CF, it was great to see this to put a name with a face and to hear how God has worked in his life. Can you send me a link to just the video? Our Dr. has 2 children with CF , she is a believer and I think she would like to see this.

I will be praying for your trip to China.

The Fruitful Family said...

One of those films I will never tire of watching! P.S. Love the new bloggy look! Is this what you did on vaca?!?

Formerly known as Frau said...

Thank you for sharing their story. I have a friend with CF she is 32 and lives life like no other her joy for every breath is such a reminder how precious it is. I hope and pray their adoption goes smooth.

LaVonne said...

How Blessed I am to have run across your blog and see the video of David and your family!

Ash said...

Love this! If you don't mind sharing, who made the video/your homecoming video? We still need to hire someone to make one for our Ugandan daughter!

Anonymous said...

LaVonne, my feelings exactly. Now I can get on with my day with no complaints.