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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This is Too Easy...

Hi friends! If you love me and you love SixtyFeet, can I ask you a small favor? Please, go to Giving of Life and cast a vote for SixtyFeet to win a grant, for up to $50,000. And if you register on their site, you get extra votes.

It just takes a second and it'll cost you nothing... but it could literally make a world of difference to the children SixtyFeet serves in Uganda.

Please go, vote, register, vote again and share the link. The things we could do in Uganda with a $50,000 grant absolutely blow my mind. I'm dreaming big here, people -- come dream with me!


Donna said...

Done! (with extra votes! :D

The Fruitful Family said...

Stealing this and reposting on The Fruitful Family....hope you don't mind!

Nancy said...

4 votes from me!!

Audrey @ The Brown Brigade said...