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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the traveling companion is...

Those were some good guesses, folks.

Colleen, I'm still laughing over the image of Willie Nelson serving in Uganda with my husband this week.
But alas, we can't all be winners...

It's not Shaun Groves.

Not Mac Powell.

Not Chris Tomlin (although, by chance, Louie Giglio also happened to be on Dan's flight to Uganda today).

The correct answer came from... commenter #26! Kimberly, you got it, girl! Send me your address.
Yes, indeedy… Dan’s traveling companion is none other than the amazingly talented:


Daniel is the writer and owner of the crazy popular (and powerful) song “Like a Lion” that you’ve probably heard covered by David Crowder. Yep. If you love that song (and you probably do), buy Daniel’s album to hear the original.

Both Mac Powell of Third Day and Kim Walker of Jesus Pursuit make guest performances on Daniel's new album. It's pretty amazing. This is his rookie album --it shot to the top of the charts, received rave reviews… and yet Daniel’s not out promoting himself this week. He’s in Africa.

WHY he’s in Africa with SixtyFeet is a different matter entirely and I'll tell y'all about it in a few days. But for now -- go show Daniel some love, people. This guy has his priorities straight. Daniel’s album is available for purchase here.

Your prayers are appreciated for the team on the ground this week. I'll keep you posted!


Wild Olive said...

SO COOL! And how wacky that Louis was on the plane with Dan!

I am terribly disappointed that it wasn't Willie. I just knew it was him.