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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Rumors are TRUE!

Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about the incredible Created for Care Retreat, organized by my friend Andrea? I'm sure you do -- because after my post I received tons of emails from ladies who were interested in/planning to attend.

And then, after registration opened and closed in less than 9 hours, because all 450 spots filled up THAT fast... I got even more emails asking if there was anyway I could help some of y'all squeeze in.

It was absolutely crazy that the retreat sold out so quickly. And a major bummer that so many women who wanted to attend and needed to attend did not have a spot. In fact, today there are over 250 women on the stinkin' WAITING LIST!

Well ladies... wait no longer! Where there's a will, there is a way for my crazy friend Andrea. Against all odds, she's found a way to make a second Created for Care retreat happen!!!

Same beautiful location, same content, same awesome low price... different dates. In fact, the SixtyFeet ladies and I, and many of the break-out leaders and speakers, will attend BOTH events!

Registration for the second Created for Care retreat begins TONIGHT... 12:01am EST (which is techincally tomorrow, I guess).

Anyways, go HERE to register -- and don't miss it this time!

Also, if you're already planning to attend the January retreat but would like to switch to the March retreat, that's fine too... but you need to let the team know ASAP. Simply send an email to CreatedforCare@gmail.com and write "SWITCH" + your first and last name in the subject line. It's that simple!

Alright, so there's my friendly service announcement for the week... head over to the Created for Care site for more information to get yourself signed up. I would LOVE to see you at either event!


Sarah said...

Amazing! I love that so many women who's hearts are soft for adoption are being loved and served through this. One day, I'll be one of those women, too.