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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I'm blogging tonight on SixtyFeet. Come see me!

Or better yet... go see them.

I posted a few weeks ago about mission trips to Uganda with SixtyFeet. Y'all told me you were interested. And now, the time has come -- our 2012 trips are officially open for sign-ups!

On our partner site, Visiting Orphans, there's also information on the 2013 Mother-Daughter trip that I'll be leading with my big girl, Madeline.

What's that? You've never been on a mission trip before (or you've never been to Africa before) and you don't know if you could handle it? You don't know if your husband/children/work/other responsibilities could manage your absence?

Well, follow along with me on my upcoming trip... I'm leaving for Uganda in only 10 days. YIKES! I'll be blogging from Africa and Dan will be blogging from home. We'll let you know how it's going for each of us -- so you'll get the best (or the worst) of both worlds.

By the way... some of you have asked what items are needed in the remand homes that SixtyFeet serves and what things you could donate for my trip. Typically, we like to purchase our supplies in Uganda whenever possible, in order to support the local economy. But this time, I am hoping to purchase and deliver a Betty Lukens felt set for Bible time at the facilities we serve.

Those babies are not cheap -- $359, in fact. But they are SO worth it and they really make the Bible teaching time come alive for the children! In fact, the Betty Lukens set our last mission team brought was the hit of the trip... so now we want another one for our other facilities.

Anyways, if you'd like to contribute something for this trip, please consider making a small donation to SixtyFeet in support of this purchase.

Have a great weekend, friends and don't forget to check out the trip information on SixtyFeet and Visiting Orphans!


Jennie said...

Shelly, are flip flops still needed? We have some leftovers from a MOPS craft activity last year.

(BTW... I feel like you and the H family haven't had a month in the ATL together all year... is that right?)

Naomi said...

I look forward to following you there to Uganda! I hope you don't mind but I posted about your family and SixtyFeet on my blog tonight. It is wonderful what you are doing and I wanted to share with my readers especially because we are adopting from Uganda.

Safe travels and blessings as you go forth!


The Fruitful Family said...

Jennie-yes, that's right! But we all went apple picking before the crazy travel schedules, so we got our fix!

The Fruitful Family said...

Oh, but I really meant to comment on the blog! Folks, here's a great way to help SixtyFeet WIN a Betty Lukens flannel board set! http://joyfulmothering.net/2011/09/29/how-we-use-betty-lukens-bible-felt/#dsq-form-area

Will Butterfield said...

I just returned from a mission trip in Uganda. So many needs there. One of our team members was a 68 year old retired LPN. If she can do it anyone can!