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Sunday, April 22, 2012

How Was Your Weekend?

We spent ours helping with a 3-day Cupcake Kids sale:

We celebrated this little dude's birthday:

We sent our Daddy off to Africa:

And we had a house showing for a prospective buyer.

So... not much going on around here.

I need to ask y'all to please pray for Dan and his time in Africa this week. More and more, we're learning that the mission field is also a battlefield. It's rough out there. And for us, the last several months have been marked by trials, testing and persecution like we've never experienced before.

Ministry work can be deflating and discouraging. It can be depressing and it can be downright ugly. And sometimes I can't help but wonder why? Why must it all be so hard? If Dan and I are walking in the Lord's will for our lives and faithfully serving Him with all our hearts... shouldn't He be blessing us?

Not necessarily. In fact, the opposite is usually true.

This weekend, Dan and I watched a powerful sermon by Ligon Duncan, a pastor in Jackson, MS. It's a full length sermon so plan to watch it when you have a spare 58 minutes. But it's worth every second.

Duncan's message is for anyone who is faithfully serving God while simultaneously experiencing hardship, discouragement and disappointment. The two are not mutually exclusive -- they often go hand in hand. And with a walk through 1 Kings 19, Duncan beautifully explains why.

I honestly think this is one of the most impactful messages I've ever heard and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Have a great week, friends. If you watch the sermon, please come back and tell me what you think.


Colleen said...

Mostly I'm just impressed at Dan's packing abilities. He has about 3 times LESS luggage than you and I had (each) when we went to Uganda, and I would imagine he's going for the same amount of time. He's my packing hero. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOSEPH! Also, the boys look super cute in their Stand Tall tees. Super cute. Also, I'm praying for all'y'all (that's a word...look it up) while Dan's gone this week. Okay, I think I'm finished.
Oh, also, love you.
The end.

Colleen said...

Oh, and I shall watch this video...when I find 58 minutes.

Christy said...

I am intrigued - going to watch the sermon. And would love to learn more about the Stand Tall shirts. They are adorable! We are praying for Dan, and for all other members of the Owens family as well!

Tracy said...

Needed that reminder! We will be watching his sermon! Thanks for sharing! Praying for the trip,your family and 60 Feet!

Stephanie said...

Listened. Reminded. Humbled. Encouraged. Thank you for sharing.
I had to laugh at Colleen's comment. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture:"Is that all he's taking to UG?! Hope I can bring more than that!"

RACHEL said...

your babies are BEAMING in every picture. all of them! i need to know the secret. ;)