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Sunday, April 1, 2012

When There's "Nothing" You Can Do

Have you ever had a really, really big problem? I have. Frankly, it seems like Dan and I deal with them all the time.

We have two adopted children. They came to us from unbelievably harsh circumstances and have many demons in their closets. There are days that I fear they'll never fully recover... and there's really "nothing" I can do about it.

Our ministry serves imprisoned children. Imprisoned. Children. It's a problem so big and so complicated that there's really "nothing" I can do about it.

Really big problems tend to make me feel... really helpless. Can you relate? Have you ever faced a mountain so big that you knew you couldn't scale it? Or perhaps you've heard these words from a doctor... "I'm sorry. There's 'nothing' we can do."

This week, I was blessed and encouraged by these words from my morning Bible study...

"There is rarely nothing you can do.
Being still and knowing He is God a long shot from nothing.
Trusting in a God you cannot see is a long shot from nothing.
Holding your tongue is a long shot from nothing.
Counting it all joy is a long shot from nothing.
Submitting is a long shot from nothing.
Confessing sin is a long shot from nothing.
Resting in Christ is a long shot from nothing.
And hear this one really loudly: praying is a long shot from nothing."

-- Beth Moore, Mercy Triumphs

No matter how bleak the circumstances, no matter how high the walls... we serve a God who's bigger than all of our problems combined. There's rarely "nothing" we can do. And I will rejoice and rest in that.


The Mom said...

Today at church the message was about hearing God speak and sometimes that is through others. Thank you for keeping a blog. It has encouraged me so many times. We brought home a little boy from Ethiopia in September. He turned 5 in January. JUST TONIGHT my husband and I spoke of the demons in his closet. And how I fear he won't ever get "it" or fully attach to us, or learn to have meaningful relationships, etc, etc... It can take my breath away sometimes! I can wonder what in the world would make us go to Africa and pick up a child that had been running the streets and BRING HIM INTO OUR HOME! I mean, seriously, who does that?! Lol! Of course we know who does that and why we do it! But it can still provoke fear in my heart that our home life will never be "normal" again! So thanks for sharing this tonight! It helped me.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I have felt this way lately about one of my boys, John. I have a home for street kids in Kampala, and John is in a fast downward spiral. I have felt like this past week there is nothing I can do to save him, especially since I am in the US and so far away. Thanks for reminding me praying and trusting God is more than enough.

Stephanie said...

Such Truth! Love this! Can we steal it for WAGI so many other AP's can be encouraged by and reminded of this truth?
co-administrator of WAGI
smurphy28 @ juno . com

Stephanie said...

Good morning dear sister. Even though my rss feed seems to be on 48 hr delay, this came in just in time. You have NO idea how much I needed this right now. God. Is. Bigger.

I'm Hannah said...

Thank you for those words.

Jenny said...

So beautifully said and exactly what I needed to hear today! Thank you for sharing!