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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


That's the amount of money that God raised for SixtyFeet in two months. He did it all -- we clearly can't take any credit for this one.

We don't have any marketing staff. We don't have any corporate sponsors. We don't even have any full time employees in the U.S.

But man, we have a Great Big God. And apparently, that's all we need.

Rejoice with us, friends. We are standing in awe of Him tonight!!!!!!

To read the full post on the SixtyFeet blog, click here.


Naomi said...


(wide open mouth)

With Him all things are possible!

cathy_kramer said...

AWESOME!!! SO good to be reminded how amazing our God truly is.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

to God be the glory!

Ashlee said...

Incredible! I love it when God amazes me :)

the_blissful_mommy said...

Not surprised. Officially not surprised. THAT'S my God.

Jenna said...

Amazing!! So excited about Sixtyfeet being here in Malakoff in a couple weeks!

Janelle-A Story of Grace said...

Praise Jesus!