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Sunday, January 15, 2012

On The Road Again...

Dan headed back to Uganda this weekend. He left the house at 3:30am on Saturday morning and flew to D. C., then to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and finally on to Uganda. He arrived at the Entebbe airport on Sunday afternoon feeling dirty, smelly, utterly exhausted and absolutely delighted to be back in the country he loves so much. Plus, Ernest and Catherine met him at the airport with two dozen freshly grown roses -- and it doesn't get much better than that.

This trip was organized by our partner ministry, Visiting Orphans. Dan is co-leading with Jared Morrison, a fellow Atlantan and VO veteran. And happily, the team includes the husband of a dear friend of mine. Scott will join the team in Uganda tomorrow.

Please pray. As always, the tasks before them are great. There's work to be done and meetings to attend and precious children to love on. And it is Africa -- so our team always builds plenty of buffer into the schedule for whatever "surprises" may pop up.

We learned about one such surprise the day before Dan left... Apparently there's a lice outbreak at M1. Dan called me from the office on Thursday and asked... "where's the closest Sally's Beauty Supply store?" I nearly laughed myself sick and then realized he was serious. No thanks to me, he made his way to Sally's and bought an industrial strength electric razor and all the lice shampoo in Atlanta.

Dan plans to attend to this situation personally -- and knowing my man, he'll do it with great joy. After all, there is much about ministry that just ain't glamorous.

Speaking of not being glamorous -- would you like to join us on one of these trips sometime? I can't promise that it'll be easy or clean or even fun...but I can promise that it'll be life changing. And it may just be the best money you've ever spent.

Check out the short Visiting Orphans video below and consider joining us. The deadline to sign up for our March trip is fasting approaching -- but we still have some space. There's also a father-son trip this summer, a general trip in October and a mother-daughter trip in April 2013, led by yours truly. Find more information here.


love said...

mother-daughter trip! eeeek!

oh, lice. i love that i can see dan and the guys attacking them with joy. there is definitely much about ministry that isn't very glam. i love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly- I haven't had to deal with lice (yet) but heard a tip from a neighbor...I believe she smothered olive oil on her boy's head and had him sleep with a shower cap. It apparently took care of the problem in one night. I don't know how helpful that might be- I don't imagine shower caps are in great abundance in Uganda. Anyway, it might be worth a shot if the shampoo doesn't work as well as promised. (Just google it to check my memory please!) Carrie Andersson

Splendiferous Girls said...

I would love to join this mission. The Lord has laid so heavy on my heart the urgency to be with the orphaned. Not in a burden way but a heavy heart way. He has shown me pieces of a vision, but not the full thing. My heart cries out to these broken children. Praise God for the work he is doing in you and your family. I am enjoying reading your journey. One day hopefully soon I will be able to do a mission trip myself.

Ashlee said...

Oooh, the mother-daughter trip sounds AMAZING! I'd love to go with our Ugandan-born daughter and homegrown daughter in tow :) Definitely keep us posted! Praying for everyone on the ground right now!

Thora said...

I'm a lurker, but I wanted to suggest for the next outbreak, obviously, a natural, cheap method that I've read about, used on my own family (sadly it was needed), and my husband's aunt uses all the time at the headstart she works at.
It's what the previous commentor mentioned - oil, or in my case we used Mayonnaise, but I don't know if that would be easily available in Uganda. Just rub it into the hair, let it sit an hour, or two, then wash it off (the hair will still be oily, of course). The cheap one time use Shower caps are useful to keep the oil from getting on anything else, but they aren't necessary. This kills the lice with suffocation. Of course, nit combs are still needed to run through the hair by hand and remove the eggs. Then a week later check the hair, and if necessary, repeat. Not that the chemical stuff can't be good, but it's a lot more expensive, and caustic. Anyway, just a thought. Hope all goes well with his trip!