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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Too Good Not to Share: Real Freedom

Several weeks ago, us SixtyFeeters attended Passion2012. Beth Moore, Francis Chan, Louie Giglio... they were all awesome. But the best sermon, hands down, was brought by John Piper. Shocker, right? His sermon, on the topic of freedom, was one of the most thought provoking messages I've ever heard.

I'm not even going to pretend that I can teach (or write) like The Pipe. There's no way that I can re-create his sermon here on the Crazy Blog, in my own words.

But what I can do is summarize and paraphrase. His message is just too good not to share -- so here you have it, summarized into three little sentences. Get ready for your world to be rocked...

Piper argues that freedom is not what most of us suppose it to be... a place where we're suspended between good and evil and therefore "free" to choose between the two.

We're not free because we have the opportunity to choose between right and wrong, good or evil, indulgence or sin.

Instead, we're truly free when we're so sold out for Jesus Christ and are such slaves to righteousness... that there is no choice.

End Piper paraphrase.


Weeks after Passion, I'm still pondering and thinking through the implications of this message. This is heavy stuff -- but good stuff, in my opinion.

If you're willing to share, I want to hear it... what do you think about this?


Curt Benham said...

Here's my take-away quote from his sermon:
"Freedom is doing what you want to do and it being exactly God's will for your life."

mama faith said...

WOW. Did they record this by any chance? I would love to hear this sermon as it speaks on the exact word the Lord has placed on my heart recently!

Heather said...

Yes, there's much freedom when you're living within the periphery of God's sovereign will. People just don't like to see it as freedom. They see it as rules or legalism. (It's only that if your not completely sold out and in love with doing the will of God wholeheartedly.) Begging the Lord to remove sins of the flesh and living the power that is given to all who have the Holy Spirit. There's freedom from sin, slavery, gluttony, anger, malice, deception, and so much more. Freedom is a beautiful thing, my friend. Thanks for the wonderful reminder. It makes me want to shout for joy. FREEDOM!

Anonymous said...

The Bible is clear that we are NOT free when we are in sin--very strong language of BONDAGE, SLAVES, hearts of STONE, etc. We CANNOT choose good. Then, enter Jesus. . . because of the cross and God giving us a heart of flesh, NOW we truly are free to choose good, and our hearts want nothing less!