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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Be Careful What You Pray For

You've heard the expression, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Same applies to prayer it seems. Shelly and I have been praying recently about how we should use some money that was burning a hole in our pocket. Specifically, praying for a need to be put in front of our faces so that it was completely obvious that it was from God for this very purpose.

You may recall my recently I mentioned how the friend that had brought a terrible situation to my attention was on his way over to Uganda to film a documentary about it and attempt to get the attention of folks to help. Last week I followed up with my friend asking when he was going and what the latest scoop was. He told me that the sponsors of his trip had backed out at the last minute and he was going to have to cancel... [sound of crickets chirping]. Honestly, my response to him was something along the lines of "wow, that's too bad. I guess there's a reason for it. I hope a good reason. ha." At this point you, the viewer would be no doubt screaming at me, the character on screen as if I were sauntering about in a dark basement somewhere while the killer is sneaking up behind me.

Meanwhile I got in touch with the folks that wrote the blog about Mukisa and found out that they had received a pretty good response so far of people donating and that they were seriously considering using some of that to get my friend over there to proceed with the documentary. They felt it was that critical to get the word out to people in the rest of the world. Yeah, this is the point in the dark basement where I turn around just in time, dodge the killer's swipe of the blade and avoid an untimely demise. Shelly and I pretty much looked at each other and said, "Hey, I think maybe this is where that money should go."

So the latest is this: Michael and I leave Atlanta on April 24 to spend a week in Uganda. We will film as much as possible at the prison to bring back and create a campaign to help build an orphanage. While we are there we also will be looking for ways to help meet some of their more immediate needs.

All of this reminds me, inexplicably, of the spot in the New Testament where Jesus feeds the 5,000. If you are familiar with the story you know that Jesus was preaching somewhere way outside of town where restaurants were scarce and it was getting on toward lunch time. The disciples came to him and asked him what they should do. And Jesus responded that they should figure something out themselves. In reading this in the past I've always imagined the disciples coming to Jesus in a panic like "Hey! You have to Do something." But lately it has dawned on me that that probably wasn't the case. They had seen Jesus do a Lot of cool and unorthodox stuff, so why should this be all that hard for him. I can imagine them walking up casually and mentioning "oh hey, Jesus, the crowd's getting a bit peckish. Why don't you whip up something for them to eat and they'll be in awe and really ready to listen to your message. It'll be cool." So Jesus' response to them doesn't seem off base. He was just resetting their expectations.

This thing with the children's prison in Uganda kind of hit us the same way. We were saddened to read about it and thought "wow, God should do something here." and he said "why don't you go do something about it." And so, we are.