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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cupcake Kids

Our kids have decided to get into the act. They wanted to have some money to give away and our oldest suggested selling cupcakes and lemonade at the park down the street, and even came up with the clever title Cupcake Kids. I'm sure you're reading this thinking "No. It has to be 'Kupcake Kids'." Well, sorry, I grew up too close to Pigeon Forge and can't bring myself to hillbilly this up too much.

The park, it turns out, is run by the city and they don't take too kindly to selling stuff there, even something cute and tasty. So, tomorrow morning along with the children of our friends the Harty and Mitchell families, ours will be selling cupcakes, cookies and cups of lemonade in the Harty's neighborhood (off North Druid Hills near the Brookhaven Marta stop).

The agreement is that any money they earn, we will match. Then each child can decide where they want their money to go. Our oldest has chosen a lofty goal of a goat and two chicks from World Vision.

The Cupcake Kids

Baker Baby

Who could resist?