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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Less Is Definitely More

Sitting here thinking about our weekend and the completely insane amount of money that Cupcake Kids brought it, I have to wonder what is going on here. A few years ago we got involved in helping folks in Romania and held a couple of parties in order to raise money. The problem was, although we were able to raise a lot of money for a great cause, we spent a lot of money too. The parties became an end in themselves and a source of pride, quite honestly. We spent weeks and weeks planning, buying, setting up. And in the end we had a nice party and folks gave some money and everyone was happy.

Contrast that with what happened this weekend. Some cupcakes were made, some water and Crystal Light were stirred together and some children, our children, got to get involved and tell folks around us that there is a crisis in Uganda and that your money could make a difference for someone you will never meet. There was no set price for any of the items sold at the stands -- the children simply told their customers "give whatever is on your heart." And in the simplicity of this, God showed up. Big time. The glory and honor belongs to Him alone because by ourselves, we could never raise over $10,000 on treats and lemonade... I mean the cupcakes were good and all, but let's be honest.

And this all takes us back to the main point of this blog... we just don't need a bunch of stuff. We really don't. All we really need is Jesus and if we have Him, we have everything. He'll provide our needs.

Glory and praise to God for an amazing weekend. We are blessed to be a small part of His plan and a witness to His work on behalf of these children in Uganda. He loves these children more than we could ever imagine.


Joshua Goodling said...

I don't think it could have been put more plainly or clearly than what you said "All we really need is Jesus and if we have Him, we have everything. He'll provide our needs."

In our commercialized world it is SO hard for people to believe that. But it is TRUE!