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Friday, April 9, 2010

Better To Give Than Receive

We have all heard the phrase from Acts 20:35 "...it is more blessed to give than to receive" and it's obvious why that is. You, as the giver, are able to benefit from the joy of making someone else happy. You are receiving something while at the same time giving away. That's great. A win-win, as they say.

In her former pre-mommy life, Shelly was a professional fundraiser. For that reason, we've been called on (and sometimes "felt called") to organize and assist with a number of fundraisers over the years. We've helped raise money and awareness for various causes from orphans in Romania through Pathway to Joy to rescues of babies out of Uganda a la the Levy Family to our daughter's private school auction and so on. Raising money can be a lot of work but Shelly has found that it's typically something you can do without getting your hands too dirty and it usually ends with some kind of fun party or gathering with your friends and lots of food. And when everything is said and done, you get to look like a big hero by handing over a pile of money to some people or organization in need... the people who are really doing the work and getting their hands dirty.

We've now found ourselves on the other side of the fence. We are embarking on a mission to Uganda - with a lofty goal of improving the living conditions of a terrible place where children are housed in very bad conditions. It seems strange to be the ones actually going and doing this. We are so accustomed to writing checks, or hosting parties and asking other people to write checks or gathering groups of people to pray and hear more about the cause. But with this trip to Uganda, we are stepping out of our comfort zone.

We're not technically raising money (yet) -- although we cannot say enough thanks to the many friends who have already stepped up and donated money to meet immediate needs at this place in Uganda while we are there. What we really need right now, as we begin this "crazy journey" is prayer. Our good friends, Garry and Laura Hill, are hosting a night of prayer & desserts (see, I told you these things usually involve food) for me and Michael on Thursday, April 22. If you live in the Atlanta area and are interested in joining us, please comment below and I'll get you the details.

All of that to say it just feels strange to be on the receiving end of such a function. Shelly and I are used to hosting these things, cheering others on, praying for them, writing our little token checks... but typically we don't get our own hands dirty. For us, there is much safety in being the ones who give. But we're making some changes... and as Paul says in Romans 8:14 "God's spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go!" (The Message)


Davis Mitchell said...

we were planning to be there anyway, but now that we know there will be desserts present -well, then it's a no-brainer. and maybe we'll just skip our dinner that night - indulge on cookies instead & give that dinner money away. the crazies are rubbing off......and it's a great thing.

Melissa said...

I would love to come. Will it be after the kids go down or before?

Joshua Goodling said...

Sign me up.