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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cupcake Kids - Sold Out

We are a little bit speechless right now actually. I've never heard of a bake sale with call-in orders until today. We are incredibly grateful to all of you that showed up this morning for Cupcake Kids and especially those of you that bought $25 cups of lemonade. All told, the kids brought in $260. And after the parent's matching donation that's $520. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. It's like what I imagine a post-apocalypse bake sale would be like - people spending $20 on a cookie because they haven't had sugar in 8 months.

I arrived late on the Crazy Bike and learned that the kids had decided to send the money with me and Michael when we go to Uganda later this month so that we can meet some immediate needs as they come to our attention while we are there. They are very excited about the turnout and response and have decided to do more of them in the weeks to come. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next location and date. And now, the photos. Thanks to Joy and Davis for taking such good shots of the event and sharing their pics with me.

OK customers, come and get it.

Salesforce is motivated

That's good service right there
Woohoo, we met our sales quotas
Here you go Sir, would you like some cash with that?


Melissa said...

We just finished the plate of treats we bought today! Very yummy!! It was good to meet your wife and children!

Joshua Goodling said...

That is Amazing and Awesome!!!