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Sunday, April 4, 2010

How Easy Was Your Easter?

The sign in Pier One Imports encouraged us, the other day, to "Make Easter Easy", and why not? It is already very difficult what with getting the eggs hidden in the yard, making up the easter baskets, preparing for a monumental feast complete with family and guests. And then there's deciding which church service to attend, getting everybody ready early to take pictures in the front yard, and fighting all those crowds of newcomers that want to take your favorite pew and parking spot. It's just a busy day, you know, so take Pier One's advice and just make it easier already.

We watched Gibson's The Passion of the Christ again last night and were reminded in great detail how very un-easy the first Easter was. It was difficult because it had to be. There was no other acceptable option. There was no other way to pay the penalty for the sins of all mankind and no other person on Earth that could possibly do it. He even refused to take the wine and myrrh on the cross which would have at least deadened some of the pain, if not killed him outright.

Our lives are so easy in comparison to most others in the world, and it's easy because we make every effort for it to be that way. Our constant forward motion is in the direction of reducing stress and increasing comfort. Ironically with the result of increasing stress, but that's for another time and blog.

In light of the great and awesome sacrifice that our Lord made for us on the cross 2000 years ago, perhaps we can look at our own lives and consider what thing we can change in our life that might help someone else's, even if it causes us some temporary discomfort.