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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Having Her Cake & Eatin' It Too!

This may seem slightly out of character for the Crazy Family, but I have treasured the first birthday parties of each of my babies. I know that a 12-month old has no idea what's going on or what all the fuss is even about -- but a first birthday is such a milestone. Such a sweet celebration of the amazing work the Lord has done in your family over the last year... bringing a tiny, beautiful person into your home and then giving you the privlege of watching him/her grow. I mean, wow!!

So all of the 1st birthdays are precious and special to me. But I think I'm going to have to say that Baby Charlotte's party (held just today!) will have to go down on the books as my favorite.

Dan and I originally planned to celebrate Charlotte's (who we call CiCi) birthday on December 4. We sent out really cute invitations -- the whole family was coming and many of our friends. But then I had to leave for Uganda and I refused to miss my baby's party, so we moved the date to December 18. But then Dan had to leave for Uganda. And we just decided that poor Cici had to finally have her party, even without Daddy. So sad.

December 18 is, as y'all know, the Saturday before Christmas. Possibly the busiest, craziest day of the year. Unfortunately, none of our family (most of them are out of town) could make it. I thought maybe a few friends could join us... on faith, I went ahead and ordered two little sandwich rings and a princess cake from Publix. Hoping that maybe someone, anyone would show up.

And today... we ended up with a HOUSE FULL of people. My little house was bursting at the seams. I know people must have had other stuff to do on this busy, crazy day... and all of these people  made time to be there for Charlotte (for me). I was so touched. So touched!

Dan prays for each of our children on their first birthdays. For him, it's an opportunity to publicly thank the Lord for each of our babies and pray blessings over their lives. It's a big deal to us and it's so sweet. Dan couldn't be there for this one -- so in his absence one his best friends offered to do it for him. Our friend Judd (who also happens to be a SixtyFeet board member and spent time in Uganda last month with Hannah and Joseph), put his arm around me, put his hands on Baby Charlotte and prayed over that little girl like she was his own.

And then looked what happened...

That fabulous guy next to CiCi is our family pediatrician, our dear friend and our fellow SixtyFeet board member, Dr. David (who also spent time with Hannah and Joseph in Uganda last month). Before we sang Happy Birthday, David went to great trouble to get ahold of Dan on Skype and held the laptop so Dan could be "with us" while we sang and he even got to watch Baby C eat her cake. It was priceless! I think every adult and every child at the party talked to Dan before he had to go. Doing the Skype thing may not be the same as having Daddy home, but not many children can tell such a great story about their first birthday party!

Madeline (dressed as a princess), Davis (dressed in his African outfit I bought him at the market in Kampala, UG) and our birthday princess, Baby C.

C's baby friend, Kate. Kate's Daddy, Scott, is headed over to UG as we speak to be with Dan. Please pray for travel mercies for Scott as he is going through Amsterdam and headed into a full-on snow storm.
My own awesome Daddy is flying into Atlanta in the morning will drive with the kids and me to North Carolina on Monday morning. I am planning to stay in N.C. with my family until Christmas Eve (or possibly longer if Dan doesn't make it back... but let's not think that way).

Thank you so much for praying for our family. It will take a miracle and so many details will have to fall into place but we are hopeful that Dan, Hannah, Joseph and our friend Scott will all be together on that 2:20pm flight into Hartsfield on Christmas Eve. Please pray for a miracle because right now we're needing one.

Much love to all of you!!


Jennie said...

How much fun! Happy birthday, CiCi!

Praying for your Christmas miracle, Shelly.

Joshua Goodling said...

We do serve a miracle working God! So, will be praying they all make it back on Christmas Eve!

Happy Birthday CiCi!

The Fruitful Family said...

I totally agree with Joshua! God is THE God of miracles. I am holding out in hope that He will make all things work so that Daddy Dan, Papa Scott, Hannah and Joseph will be on Georgia red clay on Christmas Eve. And I can't wait to give God ALL the glory and praise!!!

Thanks for putting a smile on everyone's face yesterday, Cici! You're a doll!