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Friday, December 3, 2010

Temporary Good-byes

It is so late here... just wanted to write a quick update. Today was a hard, long day but it was also a good day. I feel so much more peaceful about everything.

Joy and leave tomorrow after we serve at M (the facility SixtyFeet works with) so it was my last day with Hannah and Joseph. I held them both on my lap and whispered in their ears that Dan and I would be back for them -- and I do believe we will. Hopefully soon.

We've been privledged to witness some amazing things here in Uganda and it's been a life changing experience for me. I mean, my word, today I even swatted a dragonfly out of the car with my bare hand. Without screaming or anything.

But seriously, I feel like I've been changed forever. It's one thing to see the pictures and, to know the statistics and to hear about poverty from someone else. It is another thing entirely to wade through it yourself, to see, hear and smell firsthand.

Truly, it's been an honor to spend the last week in this country. Some of the world's poorest, most destitute people live in this place. Some of the world's happiest and most generous souls live here as well. In many cases, they are one in the same. And that is some humbling stuff. With all my heart, I look forward to coming back one day.

OK, going to bed. For a little more info on our day, check out Joy's blog. She's a better writer than me anyways... http://www.fruitfulfamily.blogspot.com/.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you Shelly. For safe travels. For softening of the judges heart. For Hannah and Joseph.