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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

He made it, barely.

You may have already heard, Dan made it to Uganda! But not without a little excitement...

I need to back up a few days and explain... So I told y'all on my last post that Dan was leaving for Uganda following an urgent message we received from our attorney. What I failed to mention was this... our Ugandan attorney had been urgently emailing us for days asking us to come. We never received one of those messages. None of them came through! On Monday morning I decided to email her one last time, knowing that this was our very last chance to make it to UG in time for the ruling. She replied immediately and that one did come through. Had I not sent that last message on Monday, I doubt that Dan would be in Uganda right now.

Over the last 30 hours while Dan traveled to Uganda, he experienced numerous and very random delays and literally had to run to his gate in Amsterdam in order to make the flight to Entebbe.

Upon arriving at the Entebbe Airport in Uganda, Dan learned that his luggage didn't make it -- none of it. Including his suit and dress shoes for court tomorrow. Ugandan courts are very formal (when I appeared last month I had to wear a long, conservative dress and closed toe shoes) and men do not appear in court in khaki pants, a polo shirt and keens.

All this to say.. do you think someone perhaps doesn't want Dan to be in that courtroom tomorrow? Friends, if you're reading this post tonight, please cover us in prayer.

In case you're wondering, Dan was able to round up some clothes for court. Our amazing Ugandan driver, Godfrey, (yep, same guy that drove for the Levy Family last year) who is pretty much one of the coolest, nicest and most generous people I have ever met -- loaned Dan a suit. And a shirt. And a pair of dress shoes. And Godfrey insisted that Dan let him shine the shoes before he wears them tomorrow. So you know, he'll just come by early to pick up Dan (who is wearing all of his best clothes) and hand over his best shoes which he has just shined for a guy he barely knows. And that is Uganda at it's finest.

I seriously hope someone, somehow snags a picture of Dan tomorrow. Godfrey is a good bit taller than Dan and is thin as a rail..I hope Ugandan courts aren't too picky about whether or not your suit actually fits you... just that you're wearing one is hopefully good enough?

Thank you all for everything, especially for praying tonight as I know many of you are doing. Our ruling will come around 2:30am EST. We'll update the blog as soon we're able. To God be all the glory!


Julie said...


Rebekah said...

We are praying, praying, praying!!!

sara said...

11:27pm (pst) right now and praying that God would honor our requests for your sweet children. May peace be upon all of you!!

Nancy said...

Shelly, you and Dan are seriously going to have to write a book about all this someday! You know, in your spare time. haha! I am praying for you and will be waiting to hear the ruling! I'll probably still be awake at the time of the ruling and will keep praying. As you said, to God be the glory!

love said...

oh! i've been essentially off-line the last several days. i'm SO GLAD dan is going! seriously.
praying for you all and all the steps to come.
i have NO DOUBT that God can have your family together for Christmas!