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Friday, December 17, 2010

Made for TV Movie, Scene 2

The next scene takes place in Dan's hotel room in Uganda. It's not very exciting. He spends the day sitting and waiting and checking his phone every few minutes to see if he somehow missed that all important phone call -- the call from our attorney's office to letting us know that the written ruling is signed.

We talk on the phone about 11am Uganda time (4am here) -- it's not looking good. The ruling is still not signed and the US Embassy closes at 12:30 on Fridays. Dan walks outside for a breath of fresh air the phone rings -- it our attorney's office!! She has the order! Can Dan meet her at the Embassy? It's closing in 10 minutes but maybe he can make it!!!

He races to the Embassy and... they have literally just locked the doors. We will not be filing the papers today. Or tomorrow. Or Sunday. We'll give it another try on Monday morning and see if we can get any closer to the climactic conclusion of "Bring Dan Home for Christmas."

Here are Dan's thoughts from his day...

I was talking to my good friend in Uganda this evening about the events of the past 29 hours and suddenly realized it sounded like I was complaining. I was telling him about the positive outcome of the meeting with the judge yesterday and about getting the judge's signature on all the necessary documents today (which in itself was a miracle akin to my luggage arriving nearly on it's own 2 wheels). I then told him about how we just missed getting to the embassy on time before they closed and how we will have to wait to try again on Monday. I didn't get into all the details with him about my frantic ride to the US embassy on the back of a Boda and my just missing the embassy's closing right before lunch (yes, that's right, I said before).

This is considered very light traffic. If you aren't touching someone else's rear-view
mirror with each elbow, you've got it made.

So I was telling my friend all this and he interrupted to say "Hey, at least you are moving forward. It's slow and deliberate, like a steam roller, but it's in the right direction." I then realized how much I had been focusing on the negative of the day and not rejoicing in the fact that we now have a signed and sealed court order declaring these two children as not only legally under our care, but also the fact that they are free to travel with us to the US. That is huge. And it only seems like a long time coming to us. Any of our friends out there that have been languishing for months waiting for these events will likely scoff and declare us ungrateful. We are not ungrateful. Really, we are full of grate. Hmmm, it doesn't work the other way 'round does it? But seriously, we are beyond grateful. We are just so eager to have our two little ones with us at home.

Next step is to get to the embassy to beg an appointment so they will review our case and begin their own orphan search. Hopefully the lawyer's exhaustive documentation in this area will reduce the amount of time they require and we will be granted visas soon.

I have to say though, riding on the back of one of those bodas is a little addicting. I took a couple of more trips this afternoon to run some errands and take care of some Sixty Feet business. It really is the only way to travel around town in traffic. I'm thinking of starting something similar back in Atlanta with my own scooter. Maybe it will catch on.


The Fruitful Family said...

Yeah, why don't you start picking Scott up for once to a board meeting?! Ride safely, Mr. Harley Davison.