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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Was Uganda

Here we go! Flight on the way to Brussels. Notice how clean and fresh we look. Also notice that there is no going-home photo at the end of these pictures. By that point we did not look so clean and fresh...

Pastor Ernest, Mama Catherine and the whole gang. Aren't they beautiful?

Joy and me with Ernest and Catherine

Meeting Joseph for the first time. 

Hannah does my hair while we wait in court. This was actually really helpful because by then I'd been several days without my hair dryer and I was starting to look a little rough...

After court Hannah poses with a picture of brother and sisters back home in the ATL

And Joseph does the same

Cows with horns like I have never seen in my life!!

On the way to visit M with sweet Okiru, who lives with Nathalie.

Here's Joy breakin' it down old school


Chasity said...

Beautiful children. My heart still aches for you.

Jane said...

I am praying that the next pictures you post are for you all at home in Atlanta! What beautiful children

Erin said...

I love the pictures of you interacting with the children. Their faces are so sweet. We pray that we will soon see them face to face.

Alison said...

Such precious children!! I cannot wait until you have your babies HOME!!!

Nancy said...

Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful pictures and your stories. We are praying for you all!