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Friday, December 31, 2010


We will update this thing with a proper blog post in a couple of days but for now, here are two blogs you can hop over to and view some homecoming photos! Check out The Fruitful Family and Babe of My Heart... thank you Joy and Andrea!

And here... oh, we are blessed. What an amazing night we had last night. We were greeted at the Atlanta airport by many friends and family, and even some people we've never met who read the blog -- they even set up a seperate Hannah & Joseph Cheering Section in the arrivals area. It was an absolute delight and so thrilling for all 7 of us. We were SO touched that so many people re-arrange their day and fight Atlanta traffic at rush hour to welcome home our new babies. Thank you!!! We are also so very sorry for the ones that did all of that but came later and missed us because the flight got in so much earlier than expected.

Hint: Hannah and Joseph are the ones holding the balloons

After the airport party, we squeezed everyone into our Volvo SUV -- oh my word, we seriously need a bigger car -- and headed home. We had a quick dinner, bathtime (what an event!!) and then bedtime.
Everyone slept great, except me - I was so certain that Hannah & Joseph would be up during the night that I stayed awake nearly the entire night listening for them. Oh well, naptime's in a few hours.

We'll post pictures and stories and thoughts on our first few days together later in the week, for now we just want to enjoy one another. Also, our friend Michael Lines (the director of SixtyFeet's film, Bereaved) was on the scene filming last night -- he even got permission to go back to the gate and meet Dan and the children with us. Stay tuned for an amazing adoption/gotcha day/homecoming video.


Christy said...

I just found your blog and story through Andrea's. Looking forward to getting to know you better. Praising God with you that your babies are home! :) What a way to start off a new year! Happy New Year!

Chasity said...

Shelly! I am so excited for you all! Enjoy these moments and update us later. *tears* (((Hugs)))

Ansley said...

I am so excited! Tell Hannah and Joseph I said Hi!,and tell Madiline and Davis I said Congrats!!!!

Ansley said...

If I could drive I would have been at the airport. HaHa!!!!

Ansley said...
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Jane said...

So happy you are all home!

Griffin Gibson said...

What a precious day... So so happy for you guys. I can't wait to meet them!!

Colleen said...

Congratulations on your big new family!!!! I bet it was a fun reunion at the airport. I'm stoked to hear they both slept through the night and that there is lots of fun bonding going on. Can't wait to read more! God is good.